For those of you that attended the SFX Fan Expo this year, you may have come across Austin or Commander.

NCL Studios & Del From Hell Studios were happy to be a part of the convention for a second time.

Nigel Lewis’ ash can comic entitled “The Word” was accompanied by an Art Talk With Hynsken Veverbon DVD.

Also, Hard Nipple Clothing had a T-Shirt raffle that brought many people to our table.

We want to thank everyone that came by our table to meet Austin or Commander or to purchase.

A very special thanks to all who participated in the “15 seconds of fame” Art Talk promo we had going on.


Next year Nigel hopes to have Issue #1 of  “The Word” available in full colour.

I  hope to have another DVD for Art Talk With Hynsken Veverbon available as well.

More T-Shirts too.


Here are some of the highlights from the show.