Hello there.

My name is Delmerio Morgado.

Call me Del, henceforth the name Del From Hell Studios.

Now known as DFH Studios. Hell rhymes with Del.

Nothing satanic but I did have a lot of people that were offended.

I decided it was time to make a change just out of respect.

http://www.delfromhellstudios.com/ is still around for my earlier fans

and all the You Tube videos that I made in the past.

I also have a huge graphic on my car that has the website as well.


I am a normal, weird guy just trying to make it in this crazy world.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I graduated from Sheridan Collegeís Illustration program many years ago.

It definitely helped me design this site.

I tried my hand at stand up comedy which led to entertaining.

Iíve been making amateur fan films since high school.

I would love to be a filmmaker.

I am doing my best to make this a reality.


In the meantime,

I will work in a regular job and pay my bills and keep on

pushing to become what I think is my destiny.

Iím not prepared to lie down and die and not even try.


I donít know how you found the site?

Through The Del Morgado Show, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter or word of mouth?

You made it here and thatís the important part.

Chances are you have probably seen some of the other pages before seeing this one.

I hope that Iíve kept you entertained. Feel free to check them ALL out.

Feel free to contact me if you wish.



Or my alter ego Hynsken Veverbon.



I have a few videos on You Tube including Art Talk With Hynsken Veverbon,

ACTION!!, Drinkiní & Yakkiní, many bits with Joao Francisco,

fan made trailers for GI Joe, Austin Powers and a Friday The 13th fan film

which can all be seen on my You Tube page.



Feel free to join my Facebook pages if you havenít already.





Twitter as well.